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Author's Notes:

Tails of the Old Republic is a crossover between the Sonic the Hedgehog universe and the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game.

Sonic and all related IP belongs to SEGA/ Sonic Team
SW: KotOR and all related IP belongs to Lucas Arts/ Bioware Corp
No copyright or trademark infringement intended.

Series rated "Web-14" for violence, mild language, and suggestive themes.

Tails of the Old Republic

Chapter 007

Upper City Taris Apartment Ambush

As Tails and Carth exited the apartment, they found a mob waiting outside. Silently, Tails cursed the bad timing. Three armed Humans in steel-gray uniforms and twelve  humanoid robots filled the hallway, menacing the other tenants. At least Carth and the teenage Mobian went unnoticed. Tails wrapped his unhurt tail around the injured one.

"All right, you alien scum! Up against the wall; this is a raid!" shouted the lead Human, shaking his fist. All the other tenants complied, with the exception of one.

A pale-blue alien with wrinkled skin stood defiantly in front of the lead Human. He spoke in a gurgley language Tails had never heard before, and yet, the fox could understand exactly was the person was saying.

"Why do you Sith keep bothering us?" the pale-blue alien asked. "You stormed through here yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that! And what did you find? Nothing! You Sith don't own this place, and you don't own us! Now go away!"

The lead Sith's face twisted with rage, and he leveled his rifle at the blue man's chest. A single pulse flashed from its muzzle, and the blue man fell to the floor.

"Stupid Duros! THAT is how we Sith deal with smart-mouthed aliens! Now everybody do as I say before I lose my temper again!"

Tails could feel his blood boiling, and he shook with anger. Memories of the Endar Spire immediately flooded back. The boy bared his teeth and growled softly.

'Such callous cruelty!'

Out of the corner of his eye, the lead Human saw them. He spun on his heel, and faced Tails and Carth. "What's this? A Human and a furry little freak hiding out with aliens? You're Republic fugitives aren't you! Battle droids, attack!"

That moment, twelve weapons were leveled at the pair. Carth dove behind a group of metallic crates. Miles Prower, however, leapt onto the wall, rebounded against the opposite wall, and tried to sail over their heads like he had on the Endar Spire. The fox brandished his pistol, quickly judged where the robots' weakest points would be, and then aimed at their "necks". Tails' blaster flashed six times, and six robots were rendered headless.

Losing momentum, Tails smashed his boot against another robot's "face", bounced off, and whipped his double-tail against one of the Sith soldier's chest. The Mobian hadn't yet regained enough Chaos energy to turn his tails into blades, but the force of the blow caused the Human to fly into the wall, dazed. Still wrapped together, Tails' unhurt tail absorbed most of the stress, but his injured tail still burned in protest.

Blaster bolts cut through the air in all directions, but Tails was able to anticipate their attack vectors and dodge the incoming fire. Carth managed to shoot and kill one of the other Sith soldiers, and he turned two of the robots' attention way from his comrade.

Leaping through the air again, Tails shot and destroyed another battle droid, then smashed his gloved fist against the lead Sith's lower jaw. Three teeth flew out. Furious, the Human tried to club the Mobian with his rifle, but Tails simply scrunched to the floor and bull-whipped the man behind the knees, sweeping him off his feet. His rifle clattered to the floor.

Distracted, Tails almost didn't notice the melee weapon bearing down on his head. One of the robots was wielding a short sword that hummed with high-pitched vibration. Tails fell over backwards, but it was too late to ensure a clean miss. The blade slashed across Tails' forehead, cut through the eyepiece of his headset, and sliced a furrow down the boy's left cheek.

Tails yelped at the pain, then blasted the robot to bits. His broken headset fell off of him. Blood dribbled down the side of his face. The two dazed Humans managed to recover themselves, but before they could level their weapons at him, Carth popped up from his hiding place.

"Tails, break away!"

The fox saw two grenades sailing through the air, and knew what would happen next. Tails compressed his legs like steel springs, and jumped ten yards down the hallway. The grenades exploded, and the two Sith soldiers and the remaining battle droids were obliterated. Averting his eyes from the carnage, and holding his hand out against the wall to check his balance, the boy strolled back over to Carth. His hearing buzzed with tinnitus.

'Ow, ow, my ears – ow! Ow! Ow!'

"Sheesh, I didn't expect you to jump into the middle of them! What were you thinking?"

"I was pissed, and I was thinking how much  I wanted to smash his face in. I lived, didn't I?"

"That's a nasty cut on your face, will you be OK?"

"Just hand me a rag before my blood stains these shiny new duds you gave me."

Carth complied, and Tails began mopping up the side of his face. Just one more scar to add to my collection, Tails thought.

"So much for staying discreet huh?" Tails remarked with a wry grin. Carth just chuckled, shaking his head.

Tails' grin vanished as his eyes flicked back toward the carnage, and saw the mangled bodies buried amongst the mismatched robot parts. The boy's bile rose, and he threw up in his mouth. He swallowed it back down before he could make a scene.

Cautiously, a blue-skinned Duros approached them.

"Are you... from the Republic? Thank you for saving us! My poor brother Ixgil, he never knew when to keep his big mouth shut. And now, he is dead. Do not concern yourselves with the mess here; we'll all clean it up and deposit the wreckage elsewhere. The Sith will never know this battle occurred here; we'll let them think there was an 'accident' in the Lower City. That should throw them off track. Consider us your friends!"

"Thank you, sir," Carth replied.

"We'll be around," Tails said, brushing himself off. "Call us if you need any more jerks bashed."

"Indeed," replied the Duros. With that, he and the other "alien" tenants turned their attention to the mess in the hallway.

Left alone, Carth and Tails walked down the hallway towards the elevator. Carth's description of the Sith was as accurate as he had stated, and Tails was developing a severe dislike of them. He still felt uncomfortable with killing any of them, but his inhibitions were quickly being torn down. Tails sighed, and resisted the urge to scratch the side of his face. He could feel his nanites busily repairing the torn tissues, and he knew that scratching would only reopen the wound. Still, it itched like crazy.

Tails wished his nanites would hurry up and repair his burnt appendage, but since the nano-machines were blood borne, healing the scorched ruin would be exceedingly slow. At least they had restored partial feeling and functionality to the injured tail. Tails tugged on his bangs; they had gotten messy during the battle. Three long bangs once again bounced over his face. Carth and Tails entered the elevator.

"There's a physician here in the Upper City who may be able to fix up your tail," Carth said, pushing a button. "He seems trustworthy, it's worth a visit. His name's Zelka Forn or something."

"Why didn't you take me there to begin with?" Tails asked, annoyed.

"The escape pod had just crashed, Sith were swarming the place, and you were bleeding all over my Republic uniform."

"Oh... right. Never mind."

Tails and Carth remained silent during the elevator's descent. The teenager desperately tried to remember when, why, and how he had left Mobius and joined this "Republic" he was now fighting for, but failed miserably. His brain simply wasn't cooperating. It peeved him that he had spent the last decade of his life fighting Dr. Robotnik and his mechanized armies on Planet Mobius, and now he was off in some distant planet fighting living people for some inter-planetary government he had no recollection of.

The memory of all the soldiers he had killed since the Endar Spire made him feel ill again. What were Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow doing right now? Was Robotnik finally dead? Were the people of Mobius finally free of his tyranny?

'Why can't I remember?!'

The elevator stopped, the door slid open, and the mid-day sun poured in. The duo stepped out.

To their credit, Tails' clothes were not nearly as hot as he'd predicted. Despite the fact he was wearing black pants and a black jacket, besides his brown-and-black boots and gloves, the sun didn't seem to be overheating him. In addition, it didn't seem his clothing was irritating his fur too badly; Tails had to scratch himself only once since putting them on. Maybe he could learn to tolerate them after all.

"Carth, what can you tell me about this planet?" Tails asked, looking up at his companion as they walked.

"Well, I've never been here before, so what I do know is limited to what I've learned this past week. Taris was once a great merchant world, a trade hub on this end of the galaxy. But new trade routes undercut Taris' importance over the last few centuries, and Taris became irrelevant economically. The planet fell into decline, and various gang bosses now vie for control. The planet is basically one gargantuan city. There are no forests, no grasslands, no farms, and almost no wildlife. Virtually all the food people eat come from the oceans in some way.

"The city of Taris is divided into three levels: the Upper City where we are now, the Lower City, and the Undercity where the other escape pods crashed. Mostly Humans live here in the Upper City, and they seem to be very... opinionated about other forms of sapient life. Most of the other 'aliens' keep to the Lower City and the Undercity. You may want to be on your guard, Tails; I saw some children throwing rocks at non-Human passerby this morning."

"Didn't you try stop them?"

Carth sighed. "We have a job to do, Tails, and I didn't want to attract attention to myself."

Tails grumbled, but kept quiet. The Mobian fox looked around, and saw a lot of people staring at him. Some of them definitely seemed unhappy that a Human and a "furry little freak" were walking together. Tails pretended not to care, and simply smiled politely in return.

He also saw many Sith troops in silver armor patrolling the area, but they paid him no mind. Tails could use subterfuge when he had to, and he pretended like the Sith were meant to be there, and the boy acted nonchalant. Carth was acting the same. But, Tails could see a hidden anger in Carth's eyes, a concealed fury directed at the Sith troops. Tails wondered if his comrade had a personal vendetta against the Sith. Carth showed not outward emotion, but the Mobian wasn't fooled. He simply filed this away for later.

"Hey Carth, so what do we use for, like, money? You know, to buy stuff. Somehow I doubt the mobiums from my planet would be worth much. Not that I have any."

"I have a datapad keeping track of our credits," Carth replied. "Republic credits can be used just about anywhere. Even the Sith use them, or something equivalent to them. I think we have… four hundred or so. I had a lot more, but the last week seemed to burn through them. We'll be needing a lot more credits before we get off this planet, I think."

'Electronic money?' Tails thought to himself. The Kingdom of Acorn had been experimenting with the concept for a few years, but Mobius' infrastructure had been so thoroughly trashed by Dr. Robotnik that the idea never got off the ground. Most Mobians still used the barter system, and those who did use money demanded "solid" cash. The Mobians who were left, anyway.

The Human and Mobian came to a large metal door, which slid open at their approach. The place seemed empty except for two Humans and a "droid" which greeted them. Tails was taken aback by how many intelligent robots he was seeing already. He had cobbled a few together, but the only robots in mass-production had been part of Robotnik's mechanical horde. Tails took great pleasure in blowing up Lardnik's factories, stealing his technology, and then using it against him.

"Well, hello there," said a Human in a greenish lab coat. "I can tell that the both of you are off-worlders. Do you need healing or medical supplies? I can treat almost any injury or ailment right here at Upper City Medical. Except for the rakghoul disease, of course."

"Yes, my friend here hurt his tail in... an accident, and would like it looked at. Can you help?" Carth asked.

"I can certainly take a look," the man replied, peering down at Tails. "What's your name, little one? I've never seen your species before."

"My name is Tails," the fox said. "I'm from a planet called Mobius. My pal and I got stuck in the quarantine. Are you Dr. Forn?"

"Why yes, I am! But you can just call me Zelka. My little clinic has no room for puffed-up doctors who obsess over their titles," Zelka Forn said with a chuckle. "If you'll hop onto this bench, I'll take a look at you."

Tails complied, and sat on a gray padded bench. Tails unwrapped his namesakes, much to Zelka's surprise. The boy held his injured tail in his arms, revealing the charred mess that scarred it. Zelka raised an eyebrow.

"That... looks like it hurt. What did you do, stick your tail in a power socket? Ah, never mind. I'll get something for you."

Dr. Forn reached into a cabinet and produced a bottle of something and an odd looking handheld device. He sprayed a stinging substance onto Tails' burnt tail, then re-bandaged the wound. Tails' eyes watered. Already, he could feel cellular activity being restored in the injured area. Next, Zelka held the electronic device about a foot over Tail's head, and the cut on his face felt warm.

"Um... what's that doing?" Tails asked.

"This is a dermal regenerator. It's healing the vibroblade wound on your face. If you wish, I can let it leave a scar, or I can remove all traces of it. Next time you get into a fight, be sure you duck."


Zelka sighed. "Contrary to what my colleagues at Taris General Hospital may think, I am not an idiot. Just... be careful, OK lad?"

"Yes, sir. And... I think I'll keep the scar. For my personal decoration."

Zelka cast a wary glance at Carth Onasi, then at the exit. Tails heard his heart flutter. "It's so unfortunate you two got trapped here after the Sith arrived," he remarked. "A lot of off-worlders are stuck here now. Watch yourself out there, will you? Many people here have a backwards view regarding other species, and a two-tailed fox such as yourself might as well be wearing a 'kick me' sign. Well, you're done."

The green-clad physician put away his tools and patted Tails on the head.

"Your tail should be fully healed by tomorrow morning. Keep it bandaged until then."

"Thank you, sir. I'll be sure to watch myself next time," Tails replied.

"See that you do."

With that, Tails hopped off the bench and shook Zelka's hand.

"Just one more question," Tails asked. "What's rakghoul disease?"

Zelka shuddered. "An exceptionally horrible ailment with no known cure. In the Undercity of Taris, creatures known as rakghouls roam freely. They carry a particularly virulent pathogen that, if it gets in your blood, can re-write your genetic code and transform you into one of them. Every single rakghoul known to exist was once a Human, Twi'lek, Duros, or other sapient biped. They're horrible creatures, and do nothing except feed and spread their disease. Rakghouls look like white, twisted mockeries of Human beings, with enormous jaws and vicious claws. I sincerely hope you two have no business down there."

"There's no treatment at all?" Carth asked.

"None. Well, maybe. There are rumors that the Sith have already developed a serum that destroys the pathogen, but I can't confirm that. In any case, the Sith patrols in the Undercity would keep it on them at all times. If only I could get my hands on that serum, I  could synthesize and mass produce it! Rakghoul disease could be totally eradicated in just a few years!" Zelka answered absentmindedly.

"Maybe... we could get that serum for you." Tails suggested.

"PLEASE, don't say that!" Zelka bellowed, whirling around, scanning for eavesdroppers. "I only mentioned the serum because you asked! Only a fool would... confront a Sith patrol, even in the Undercity! Don't do anything dumb!"

"Yeesh, I was just thinking aloud," Tails complained. "It's not like I was serious." Actually, he was. If the Sith were hoarding a cure, he would have little inhibition about taking it.

Dr. Forn relaxed somewhat, and glanced briefly at the large door behind him. "Just... don't do anything stupid, all right?"

"I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, sir."

Carth spoke next. "Is there any cost, doctor?"

"No, there's no cost. This is a free clinic, supported by the community. Have a good day, you two."

Carth and Tails exited the clinic.

"Well, that was interesting," Carth remarked.

"Zelka is hiding something," Tails stated matter-of-factly. "Ever since he concluded these were battle scars, his heartbeat was erratic, his fingers twitched, and the scent of his perspiration increased dramatically. Especially when he glanced at that other large door."

"What do you think he's hiding?"

"I dunno. I'm a polygraph, not a psychic. I think it involves the Sith, though."

"Do you think he's working for the Sith?"

"Not likely. Rather, I think Zelka Forn is hiding something from the Sith. Yes, that would explain his behavior."

"What do you suppose that is?" Carth asked?

"How would I know?" Tails replied. "But perhaps later we'll find out."
Page 7. Carth and Tails battle some goons, and meet Dr. Forn.




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These first few chapters are going to have lots and lots of exposition, so please bear with them.

Also, please note that I haven't played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in two years since my Xbox broke. I'm trying to do a lot of this from memory. Youtube is helping, but I'm having to invent a lot of the dialogue myself.

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