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Bendak Starkiller!

(Note: if image appears distorted or super-tiny, right-click and select "view image")

Or click [ HERE ] if the image of Bendak & Tails doesn't load at all, and for full rez. (1200x1435)

For a full size (1070x1449) image of Tails alone, [ click here ].


“Laaaadies and gentlemen, come with me now on a journey to the savage days of years gone by… a time when two combatants entered the arena, and only one came out alive. They’re illegal, they’re banned, they’ve been outlawed for nearly ten years – but we’ve got one for you tonight! A good, old fashioned… DEATH MATCH!

“In this corner, a living legend! A man whose very name would make his opponents SHAKE in their boots… if any of them were still alive! Ba hahaha hahahaha! Out of retirement for one last battle: Bendak… STARKILLER!

“And who would be crazy enough to step into the ring with such a lethal legend? Who would be MAD enough to face almost certain death, merely for your enjoyment? Laaaadies and gentlemen, feast your wondering eyes on… the Mysterious Stranger!!

“And now, the moment we’ve aaall been waiting for – LET THE DEATH MATCH… BEGIN!!”


Heh heh heh heh… well now, none of you forgot Tails’ impulsive challenge to Bendak Starkiller in Chapter 025, did you? (Granted, that *was* back in 2010…). So, well, here we are. I’m going to ***try*** to have the next chapter out in the next two weeks… or, at least, by the end of August. Emphasis on the word “try”, so don’t all come out and lynch me if I miss my self-appointed deadline. You know how unreliable I am with those! :XD:


Will Tails back down from this foolish challenge?

Will he survive his duel with Bendak?

Perhaps more importantly…

Will he still receive Dark Side points if he wins?!?!  :iconexcitednoesplz:

Image was cobbled together in MS Paint, from Bendak's image in Wookiepedia, and the Tails image from my Webcam, copyrighted to the long-banned DeviantArt user "TrishXTails". I just made a few minor edits to it, including removing the black border and red fill, removing the piercings, and (crudely) adding on some muscles to our red-hot fox boy. Fun fact, Tails and Bendak are nearly to scale here! As described in Chapter 005, my version of Tails is 132 cm or 4'4", so imagine Bendak is 7-feet tall or so. Yes, the top of Tails' cranium barely comes up to Bendak's navel. XD

And, you know what? Tails is probably the only Sonic character who can be drawn in a more "anthro" style and not look totally weird to me. XD

Image will NOT be uploaded as a Deviation, because I can't honestly claim ownership of either image. =/

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Thanks for the welcome! :D

I was a member of TrueBlueAsylum when it was still active, and I was saddened when CoolBlue closed it down. But hey, at least it has its spiritual successor now!
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I don't think I'm reliable enough, time-wise, to be a mod in any more groups. But thanks for the offer, anyway! :)

I still need to add your preview image to ALL FORTY of my TotOR chapters. What a pain...
(but well worth it when finished! :D)
Undergr0undFurry Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014   General Artist
I also left just enough space at the bottom for you to add a chapter number to the image itself...
 Y'know if you ever have an overabundance of time :XD:
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...Better late than never, I hope. Happy belated birthday, pal...
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happy birthday dude, hope you get what you wanted
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