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Fiery Anthro Fox
United States
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Hey Pyre, since the US government is currently shut down, I have to admit I'm worried over what effects it'll have on your livelihood, namely the food stamps. If anything's happened, I hope you pull through, okay?
Thank you for your concern, I appreciate it, but I haven't been taking Food Stamp benefits since I got hired last year ^^;

I honestly didn't know anyone still thought I was taking benefits. They were a life saver for the ~445 days I was unemployed, but they got cut way back after getting my first paycheck, then they were stopped altogether.

Well, I know now not to get fired, or injured, or sick, or... :|
...Sorry, Exploder, ignore my optimism in that last e-mail.  I got the department that handles food stamps wrong.  Stamps go down in one month barring a resolution, the WIC variant (children and pregnant women) is gone as of now.  OSHA is down too, and the Labor Relations Board isn't handling any cases or outreach.  Worker's Comp is still functioning, at least.

At least food stamps are going to last longer than the court system does.

A department-by-department list of the federal bureaus affected can be found here:…
Relevant agencies to welfare are the USDA Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services branch (food stamps), the Labor Relations Board (case handling), OSHA (workplace safety), the Federal Court system, and the Department of Labor (which stays intact, more or less, so that's something).

Amusingly, the IRS is taking a major hit too, which probably isn't going to help get the national budget put together any faster.  They'll also lose track of unemployment numbers until they get their staff back, which I imagine will do *weird* things to the stock market.

Good luck, Pyre.  I don't know what sort of help I can offer, but don't hesitate to ask.
Yeah... I'd like to say I'm shocked that Congress allowed this to happen, but I'm not at all surprised. :|

Well, the good news is that I'm not dependent on Food Stamps, and haven't been since I got hired that year (though my life would be a bit easier if I still had them).

I'm off Workers Compensation, too... I just have to make sure I don't get injured or sick again. :roll:

I'm really thankful for yours and Exploders' concern though. It's nice to know people actually care for my well-being, even across the void of the World Wide Web. :)
Thanks for the watch. :)
Uhhhh... ^^;
I didn't watch you...

I gave you a Llama as consolation, though. :)
Ah. Sorry about that. :D

Take your pick, I've got more.

It's not CHEXSystems, sadly, but it is the Service Next Door.  I guess I spoke too soon when I said there wouldn't be grounds to prosecute companies like that for errors of that magnitude.  Okay, their "error" was less severe than accusing a woman of identity theft because they recorded her SoSec number wrong, but the consequences might actually have been even worse in the sort of terms courtrooms tend to think in.  Anyway, after this I'd say there's hope for you yet, and if nothing else I hope it's cathartic.

As usual, good luck and happy writing.
That's certainly some fascinating stuff.

I guess my main concern would be retaining a lawyer without bankrupting myself (again), and hoping I haven't passed some statute of limitations.

I have so little free time or money, and part of me is still emotionally exhausted from my first fight with Chase and CHEX; part of me honestly wants to just lay down and take it.

Still, that $18 million settlement out of Equifax is awfully inspiring. :p
Welcome to :iconmlp-fim-union:! We hope you enjoy yourself here!
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